Our appliances make our lives better and easier. They aid in every chore we need to face each day and that nothing can beat the work they do every single day. Our appliances play an integral part in our daily lives especially in our daily routines. That is why it is not surprising when people get panic when they think their appliances are broken and even take the first sign of trouble seriously.     

Appliance Repair

But like anything else the lifespan of your home appliances is limited. At a certain point of its life, it will go twisted. Like oven keeps burning the baked goods, the washer stops washing, and dryer doesn’t heat up. Though prior to spending money on appliance repair or start a new with a replacement appliance or repair. When your home appliances begin to fall apart you’ll need to answer a significant question like if it worth dishing out money on appliance repair or much better start with a new replacement.      

On the other hand, always recheck and have a closer look to your appliances to make sure it is not an issue of bad surge-protector of an outlet, short in the plug or tripped circuit breaker. More often the repair of appliance is recommended. There are plenty of reliable options for appliance repair that offer affordable, fast and same-day warranted service that will surely help save big. But as to how the repair goes usually depends on the condition and age of your appliance.      

In addition to this, the repair cost is normally 20 to 30% of what you will be going to spend if you go for a replacement. In general, if the repair cost is more than 50% of the price of the new appliance is not worth it. And this much applicable to your home appliance that is over 7 years old. However, there are a lot more to consider if you are still in awe if what is right for you either you’ll go for a repair or get a replacement. Continue reading to learn more.      

First is you need to learn what’s the life expectancy of your home appliances. The lifespan estimates of washing machine it to last up to 9 to 10 years, 8 to 9 years for dishwasher, 12 to 13 years for refrigerator, 14 to 15 years for kitchen range/oven, 10 to 11 years for freezer and 12 to 13 years for the dryer. Forgo an appliance repair if your appliances are older than the given estimates.       

Also, check for warranty protection. See if your appliance is still covered by a warranty. By doing so you will be able to cut down the cost of the replacement or repair in total. This approach has its downside though as you need to wait for weeks or more for the needed parts to be shipped, or paperwork to be sorted and the repair to be completed. But still, it’ll be a worthwhile hassle when it leaves your pocket untouched.      

However, if you have been stressed with constant malfunctions of your appliance for a while and your energy bill suddenly increased, an appliance repair won’t be worth it.