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Minutes of State Convention Jan.5,2013

PDNC Annual Meeting January 5, 2013
Progressive Democrats of North Carolina
Forsyth County Democratic Headquarters
1128 Burke Street Winston-Salem

10:00 am Welcome and Introductions called to order by Chair, Heiderose Kober
some key points of discussion during the introductions included:

•good time to push progressive ideas/reach unaffiliated voters
•Impeach McCrory suit announced
•Importance of changing NC blue before the 2020 census
•train young people to run for office
•Bob Geary’s current column recommended (independent weekly)
•We have the demographics of the Obama coalition, 1/3 of NC voters are now
• Progressive money/grants/applications are available

11:00 Executive Board Elections

Heiderose Kober nominated Jeff Starkweather for President Randy Voller
Jeff elected by unanimous acclimation

1st VP, PAC Chair: Open
We will fill this office after the SEC meeting

2nd VP Membership Chair
Bill Clay and Linda Suggs nominated by miriam thompson seconded by John Heuer
Bill Clay dropped out to run for 6th VP Cultural Chair
Linda Suggs elected unanimously

3rd VP Outreach: John Heuer nominated by JS seconded by Barb Alotis
John Heuer elected unanimously

4th VP Policy Chair: Miriam Thompson is nominated and elected unanimously

5th VP Communications Chair: Joshua Kricker is nominated
and Randy Voller moves to elect him and the remaining slate bu unanimous

6th VP Cultural Chair: Bill Clay
Secretary - Tara Blomquist
Treasurer - OPEN (George Six acting treasurer)

11:45 Break 15 minutes

12:00 Randy Voller speaks on his bid for the Chair of NC Democratic Party

•He wants to make North Carolina the progressive beacon that it was in
Terry Sanford’s days.
•Success in Chatham County can be a microcosm for how to win statewide.
•Understands the grassroots and the need to be active in every election

Casey Mann reminds us that only SEC members or folks who obtain a proxy
and may go to the SEC on Feb. 2 to get Randy elected
Delmas Parker says Cliff Moon has proposed an amendment that we should be
keenly aware of.

12:30 open discussion
•Randy Voller proposes changing the PDNC name. Suggestion to use
“Progressive Voters” as a name.
•HKonJ is a powerful vehicle for our issues

1:30 break for lunch

2:30 Open discussion
• more on changing our name
•focus on PAC money so we could target some conservative Dems with
progressive candidates.
• pick 2-3 of the top resolutions we want and lobby in the GA. Speak up
and use the press to frame the debate from our point of view.
* republicans have demonized us (Democrats) and we should be claiming the
mantle of inclusion of all. Make people feel they belong in a coalition
mechanism. Work to make the coalitions stronger. OFA has worked around the
state party leaving the heart of the coalition fractured.
•PAC can be changed in bylaws so that we can make endorsements of
progressive candidates regardless of affiliation.
•Redmap.doc Thom Fetzer’s national strategy is alarming

*Motion made to drop the word “Democrats” from PDNC/ amended made that we
will form a committee to submit and test on the street (with other
progressives) other name possibilities and come back and meet to decide
the name, update the Platform, discuss fund raising, possible set up
teleconferencing, Skype, free conference calls on March 2, 2013.
Extensive discussion of the pros and cons. Vote taken. Passed by a large

There will be a dedicated e-mail to announce these plans.

Discussion of pushing forward on the forum that can be videoed and posted
to be seen by as many SEC members as possible to highlight the differences
in the 3 candidates running for State Chair of Democratic Party of NC.
Volunteers are called to form a committee to work on getting that
scheduled ASAP. Orange County Dem Matt Hughs should be contacted.

•Tuesday Jan. 15th HKon J Poverty and Legislative issue meeting
•Feb 5/6 AFL-CIO Legislative Convention
•HKonJ is on Feb. 9th
•Tuesday May 4th -Bring the Troops Home
•April 28th Sam Winston 2nd Annual Ride for Peace
•google calendar will be added to our website for anyone to add their events
•January 23rd, 7pm award winning Journalist Will Potter and activist Jake
will speak government's labeling of activists as terrorists.104 Howell
Hall University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill

3:30 Meeting adjourned by Chair, Jeffery Starkweather

minutes submitted 1/ 7/13 by Secretary,Tara Blomquist


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