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Haywood County Democratic Convention

Aixa Wilson(pron. Asia),Democratic 11th Congressional District candidate spoke to our group today. He received polite applause, when a representative for Heath Shuler spoke she was met with a bit of a cold shoulder. I was surprised that she point blank admitted that Heath knew that many rank and file Democrats were upset with his no vote on health care, and her only defense was that if we didn't vote for Shuler and a Republican won the Republican would be worse! I predict Aixa Wilson will receive quite a few votes,these will of course be mainly protest votes. However, I also think a lot of the people who vote for him will not be voting for Shuler in the general. Not very smart going into a mid term like this without your base solidly behind you.Shuler will win the Democratic primary, but he will definitely not emerge unscathed.
On a brighter note, looks like progressives have a real shot at picking up the 115th House seat. It is currently held by conservative Democrat Bruce Goforth, his challenger is Patsy Keever and they are running neck and neck! I believe we can win this one, most of the district is downtown Asheville. For those who don't know, Asheville is an island of liberalism in a sea of conservatism. Bruce is just too conservative for this district. Patsy is definitely running to left of him, she is particularly strong on environmental issues. Find out more at Some may remember that Patsy ran for Congress in the 11th District a few years ago. She is a known quantity and still popular in the district. Go Patsy Go !

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